Bill Huang


Silicon Valley & Beijing

Bill Huang is a serial entrepreneur whose hand has been on the envelope of mobile Internet technology since before there were smartphones. Bill has a knack for understanding what is next in the digital revolution, and sometimes, for making it happen.

In founding CloudMinds, he has set out to fulfill a vision to see an affordable, highly useful robot in the average home. While this sandbox is a lot of fun for Bill, he has made it clear that "we are not building toys." He understands that the next industrial revolution will be powered by many super smart robots performing many useful functions. But this won't happen without some big technology gaps being filled, and Bill understands what needs to happen to achieve the goal.

Bill has a bold vision, and when you consider his accomplishments over 30 years of industry technology and business experience, he is a natural leader for this endeavor. He is a believer in intense research and exploration environments and an advocate of innovation cultures like those created by Bell Labs and DARPA...



Robert Zhang


Silicon Valley

Robert Zhang is a well-versed tech executive who’s been at the center of product introductions at companies with household names like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. Robert has a wide grasp of a business, spanning the technology, revenue model and operations.

When co-founding CloudMinds, he saw an opportunity to be part of the next big wave of successful start-ups, which he anticipates to be in the AI and robotics space.

Robert is intent on building a world-class team at CloudMinds, and when you see that he has worked among world-class professionals in world-class organizations throughout his career, you can expect that he will build a team many will want to be a part of...



Masahiko Yabuki



Masahiko Kabuki is a bridge builder who extends the reach of high tech enterprises to new markets. He has a talent for getting businesses off the ground in the big economies of Asia.

Masahiko stepped into the role as President & CEO of CloudMinds' Japanese-based operations, knowing that CloudMinds is designed to be a new kind of international company, one where international collaboration and trust are central to the character of the Company. He also likes the adventure of riding the next big technology wave.

Masahiko is geared up for building great partnerships in the emerging ecosystem defined by ever-smarter robots...



Karl Frederick Rauscher


Greater New York City Area

Karl Frederick Rauscher is a parallel entrepreneur who thrives in arenas where the interplay of technology, business and policy is vital, but yet unresolved. Karl has a tendency to head towards missions chalked up as “impossible", and has had breakthroughs along the way.

In coming on board to enhance CloudMinds’ strategic capacity, Karl was attracted to CloudMinds commitment to be a new kind of international company: one that can harness the genius from across oceans and also earn the trust of a broad spectrum of stakeholders. Karl thinks a new kind of International company is possible, and when you look at his record, it suggests he understands how to achieve new important feats in international cyber space...