Masahiko Yabuki
President and CEO of Japan Office

Masahiko Yabuki is President and CEO of CloudMinds Japan K.K. and is responsible for business development in Asia.

Prior to his current position, Masahiko served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development for the Office of the CEO at SoftBank, where he initially had responsibilities to obtain mobile operator license and spectrum from the Japanese Government (2004-15).

Masahiko was part of the Vodafone Japan acquisition, and became part of the management team for SoftBank Mobile, where he led new business such as with Disney Mobile as well as collaboration with other foreign partners.

Previously, he was the President of Mobile Media Planning Corporation (2008-2011) and Chief of Staff for the CEO at the Joint Innovation Lab where he led projects among China Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone and SoftBank (2009-10). He earlier served Director at UTStarcom Japan K.K. where he started the Japanese business as Country Manager and where he led ADSL, FTTH, VoIP and video streaming projects for SoftBank (2001 – 04). He began his career at General Manager at Kanematsu Corporation, where he was responsible for business development of electric power, telecommunications and information technology projects for numerous countries in Asia (1982 – 2001).

Masahiko has extensive experience in Asia, with significant experience in Indonesia, Japan and Singapore.

He holds a B.S. in Economics from Kobe University of Commerce.