New Applications! CloudMinds robots assisting public transportation safety protection in action

The national Spring Festival travel rush has already kicked off as the holiday is upcoming. With the increasing flow of the traveling people, the environmental disinfection of public transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, and passenger stations is the top priority task. How to achieve timely and effective disinfecting on the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel is the key issue of health protection in public places. Cloudminds teamed up with t


Normalization of epidemic prevention and control, robots solve hotel labor shortage problem

Recently, with the adjustment of the COVID-19 prevention and control policy, the tourism industry has been thrived again, and room bookings have ushered in a peak. The shortage of manpower has become a thorny problem the hotel industry is confronted with. Cloud robots from Cloudminds rushed to the front line of hotel services, through 24-hour non-contact delivery service, providing customers with food and goods guarantee, effectively solved the problem of "employment shortage" in special period


Cloudminds atomization sanitization robot assists Hygienic protection in public places

Aiming at public places with high density of people and strong mobility, Cloudminds launched the atomization disinfection robot Cloud Ginger Lite K300 (hereinafter referred to as GL-K300), which is suitable for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, public transportation hubs, shopping malls, office buildings/offices, etc. Various scenarios. Through 24-hour unmanned operation, comprehensive and precise disinfecting can be achieved, which can effectively reduce the probability of cross-infecti


The blue ocean of medicine-delivery robots: Cloudminds helps industry partners build a new scene of Smart Hospital application

Recently, multiple multi-functional indoor delivery robots ---- Ginger Lite D300 have been officially employed in hospitals in Beijing, Shenyang, Jinan and other places. They will be responsible for the delivery of medicines between nurse stations, consultation rooms, pharmacies and other areas. With robot skills such as autonomous navigation, automatic elevator riding, active obstacle avoidance etc., it's able to achieve cross-floor and cross-regional, multi-machine task scheduling, multi-machi


The cloud robot operating system--HARIX OS won another award!

Recently, the final of the 2021 China Haidian High-value Patent Cultivation Competition was successfully held in Beijing. CloudMinds’ competition project--"A Cloud Robot System, Robot and Robot Cloud Platform" stood out from many high-value patent projects across the country through project roadshows, patent reviews, and questions from judges, and was rated as the third place in this competition.


517 Telecom Day | CloudMinds Bill Huang: Service robots empower smart elderly care and creating the future is better than waiting for the future!

On the afternoon of May 17, the online seminar "5G Cities: Assistive Technology from Accessible Communication to Accessible Life" organized by the Global Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) was held as scheduled. Mr. Xiaoqing Huang, founder and CEO of CloudMinds, shared the application practice and successful experience of cloud robots in the field of smart elderly care at the meeting.

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