New Applications! CloudMinds robots assisting public transportation safety protection in action
2023-01-17 13:32:00

The national Spring Festival travel rush has already kicked off as the holiday is upcoming. With the increasing flow of the traveling people, the environmental disinfection of public transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, and passenger stations is the top priority task. How to achieve timely and effective disinfecting on the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel is the key issue of health protection in public places. Cloudminds teamed up with the disinfectant manufacturer Landcent to create a disinfection solution for the safety and protection of public places, deploying multiple atomized sanitization robots in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Harbin West Railway Station and other public transportation places. With the new type of green disinfectant, a scientific epidemic prevention barrier has been set up to protect the environmental safety of public spaces.


"Hi everyone, I'm Hongqiao Baby. I'm doing disinfection work now. Dear passengers, please wear your mask and take good safety precautions..." This is the scene of Cloud Ginger Lite K300, a cloud atomizatied sanitization robot, working in the hall of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Two atomizing disinfection robots patrolled the south and north passages of Hongqiao Station respectively, especially for wheelchairs, mother and baby rooms and other service facilities to achieve "one passenger, one disinfection" to ensure the quality of environmental disinfection. With a very large flow of people, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is one of the most important transportation hubs in Shanghai. This is a major project for Cloudminds and Landcent to help large-scale passenger stations carry out technological and green epidemic prevention.

Following the application of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Harbin West Railway Station is the second major application of the effective protection solution for public places in transportation fields such as passenger stations. In the waiting hall of Harbin West Railway Station, atomization sanitization robots with a sense of technology carry out 24-hour continuous disinfection of the air and surface of objects in key areas where viruses are easy to spread, such as passenger service desks, waiting halls, elevators, etc. This set of micron-level environmental disinfection equipment applied to airport stations helps Harbin West Railway Station to build disinfection equipment that fully covers passenger stations.


The Cloud Ginger Lite K300, an atomized sanitization robot, is loaded with the innovative green and safe disinfectant solution of Landcent, which can kill the coronavirus in the air and on the surface of objects in the train station. It can be alcohol-free, chloride-free, non-irritating, Inhalation is non-toxic, and the killing rate of coronavirus is over 99.99%. The green disinfectant is evenly sprayed into the space of each station area through the atomization sanitization robot of Cloudminds, which truly realizes the three-dimensional disinfection of the air and objects, and ensures the health of passengers and staff in the station.


Cloud Ginger Lite K300 uses the high-frequency resonance of the ultrasonic atomizing sheet to disperse the disinfectant to produce a natural and elegant micron-level dry aerosol, with a particle diameter of less than 10 μm, which diffuses into the air through the Brownian motion of tiny particles for a wider range of disinfecting, which can greatly improve the security of the environment. When encountering a walking passenger, the robot will automatically avoid the person, so it is very safe. Compared with manual disinfecting, robot disinfecting is more efficient, and it works on time and in quantity, which is less likely to cause disinfecting omission. It can also realize safety operations of cross-floor, cross-region, multi-machine task scheduling, multi-machine coordination, multi-layer and multi-elevator remote control, which meets the service needs of different scenarios and ensures thorough disinfection with high efficiency, high safety and low cost.

In addition, the Cloud Ginger Lite K300 of Cloudminds, has its own "voice broadcast + large-screen display" function, and the staff can customize the broadcast content according to the needs of publicity. Disinfection robots can not only solve part of the wayfinding inquiries for passengers, but also assist the station in various promotions such as safety of Spring Festival travel rush, so it is especially suitable for public transportation places (airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, passenger stations, etc.), schools, commercial supermarkets, office buildings, property, parks, hospitals, stadiums and other indoor places with dense traffic.