Normalization of epidemic prevention and control, robots solve hotel labor shortage problem
2023-01-11 13:45:13

Recently, with the adjustment of the COVID-19 prevention and control policy, the tourism industry has been thrived again, and room bookings have ushered in a peak. The shortage of manpower has become a thorny problem the hotel industry is confronted with. Cloud robots from Cloudminds rushed to the front line of hotel services, through 24-hour non-contact delivery service, providing customers with food and goods guarantee,  effectively solved the problem of "employment shortage" in special periods.

In the lobby of Bolifei Hotel in Guangxi, we saw the Cloudminds Cloud Ginger Lite D series hotel service robots delivering goods uninterruptedly... The same scene also appeared in business hotels, resort hotels, convention hotels, tourist hotels and other types of hotels all over the country.

The hotel staff put goods into the robot cabin, and input the room number to start the autonomous delivery. During the whole process, the robot takes the elevator autonomously, arrives at the designated floor, and automatically calls when it reaches the door of guest room, prompting the guest to pick up the goods. After the goods are taken out, the hatch will be automatically closed for the next order delivery or returned directly. Besides hotel staff who are proficient in operating robots, the deliverymen can also easily manage to use them.

屏幕快照 2023-01-19 10.38.54.png

At present, as the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the hotel will welcome another wave of occupancy peaks. After the business turns warm again, public places need to do a good job of epidemic prevention, and the non-contact service mode by smart robots has become the mainstream. In fact, during the three years fight against COVID-19, unmanned delivery services led by smart robots have rapidly become popular. From a global perspective, labor costs are rising year by year, and hotel operators are facing new challenges. Actively introducing robot applications and deploying "intelligence" in advance may become an opportunity for hotels to save themselves or overtake on corners.


In addition to delivery services,  based on Cloudminds' unique cloud-brain fused with intelligence, Cloud Ginger Lite D series owns anthropomorphic voice interaction capabilities, and it also plays a variety of roles in the work, providing customers with various intelligent services 24 hours a day. We can tell that the robot is proficient with all kinds of skills.

Welcome reception: The robot actively greets guests, automatically identifies VIP guests, realizes black and white list management, and improves service experience.

Publicity and marketing: The high-definition large screen on the head of the robot can play promotional videos on hotel catering and services in a loop, and recommend hotel services, such as gourmet food and SPA. Recommend travel planning according to customer requirements, such as weather, transportation, food, tourist attractions, etc., which makes check-in and travel more convenient.


AI intelligent guidance: Guiding guests to check in, introducing hotel features and service facilities; guiding guests to restaurants, banquet halls, elevators and other destinations. 

Independent and safe distribution: Equiped With large-capacity closed boxes, passwords are used to open the cabin during the food or goods delivery process, which not only protects the privacy of guests, but also maintains safety and hygiene.

With its stable and excellent operational performance, the hotel service robots -- Cloud Ginger Lite D series from Cloudminds help hotels transform intelligently, reduce costs and increase efficiency; improve customer experience and upgrade service; empower hotel brand building and win opportunities.