Cloudminds atomization sanitization robot assists Hygienic protection in public places
2023-01-09 13:56:38

At present, China has adopted a comprehensive liberalization policy for epidemic prevention and control of Convd-19, and the public's awareness of health protection grows. As an effective tool for disinfection and protection in the post-epidemic era, sanitization robots have ushered in a new stage of development.

For public places with large density and high flow of people, Cloudminds developed the atomized sanitization robot Cloud Ginger Lite K300 (hereinafter referred to as GL-K300), which is suitable for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, public transportation hubs, shopping malls, offices and other various scenarios. Through 24-hour unmanned operation, comprehensive and precise disinfecting can be achieved, which can effectively reduce cross-infection of people,  improve operation efficiency, and provide security protection for personnel in public spaces.


GL-K300 has the features of precise disinfecting with wide coverage. The robot is equipped with a 22L large-capacity disinfectant storage box, with a maximum coverage area of 25,000㎡, a maximum spray volume of 3500ml/h, and multi-directional atomization nozzles to achieve 360° disinfection; the robot adopts broad-spectrum sterilization, which can kill bacteria in 5 t0 10s, sterilization rate >99.99%, suitable for disinfection of different spaces and ranges with a variety of disinfectants, highly enhancing the safetyness of the environment.


GL-K300 is equipped with an innovative green and safe disinfectant, which has the advantages of zero toxicity, zero corrosion, zero irritation, non-flammable, oral, and inhalable, so that the disinfection operations in various public places can truly achieve the coexistence of man and machine. It greatly improves the timeliness and effectiveness of disinfection work, helps users to prevent epidemics accurately, reduces costs and increases efficiency.

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At the same time, GL-K300 can flexibly shuttle through narrow passages without human control. Through the 360-degree holographic sensing system, it can sense the indoor environment in real time, and automatically avoid pedestrians and obstacles during disinfection operations. The robot can automatically carry out precise work on time and according to the preset tasks, the set route and area, and it can automatically alarm when encountering abnormal situations; it can also realize cross-floor, cross-region, multi-machine task scheduling, multi-machine coordination, multi-layer, multi-elevator, remote control and safe operation. The robot is able to meet the service needs of different scenarios and ensure thorough disinfection with high efficiency, high safety and low cost.

GL-K300 has powerful and warm human-robot interaction capabilities, and can easily support multiple rounds of dialogue. During the routine operation, it supports voice broadcast, video, and graphic playback functions such as common knowledge of epidemic protection and policy promotion. The artificially enhanced interaction and interesting interactive design of GL-K300 enable it to more flexibly complete multi-functional services such as navigation, guidance, consulting and marketing in different scenarios.


In addition, the robot collects the real environment to the cloud through the vision and sensor system and then digitally reproduces it. Through the data linkage of the Internet of Things, the synchronization of the virtual terminal is realized, and a visual 3D model digital twin operation platform that reproduces the real environment is constructed. The digital twin operation platform can display users' intuitive requirements, assist operators to achieve more accurate decision-making, and improve the efficiency of organizational management, operation, and maintenance.

The industry and application of the CloudMinds atomized sanitization robot are more and more extensive. From the initial application in local cabin hospitals and isolation hotels, to public catering places, office buildings, properties, many key hospitals, public transportation hubs and other public spaces , the robot provides safe and reliable 24-hour uninterrupted disinfecting work, builds a more intelligent and digital living environment, and will continuously improve the safety and hygiene of the public environment.