The blue ocean of medicine-delivery robots: Cloudminds helps industry partners build a new scene of Smart Hospital application
2022-12-28 14:43:27

"I'm going to the pharmacy to pick up medicine, be right back!" This is a scene of a "medicine-delivery robot" working in the emergency building of a hospital in Beijing.

Recently, multiple multi-functional indoor delivery robots ---- Ginger Lite D300 have been officially employed in hospitals in Beijing, Shenyang, Jinan and other places. They will be responsible for the delivery of medicines between nurse stations, consultation rooms, pharmacies and other areas.With robot skills such as autonomous navigation, automatic elevator riding, active obstacle avoidance etc., it's able to achieve cross-floor and cross-regional, multi-machine task scheduling, multi-machine coordination, remote control of multi-layer, multi-elevator  and other safe operations.


Intelligent distribution plays a key part in the construction of a smart hospital, and it is also an important approach for hospitals to achieve intelligent transformation and upgrading at the moment. At present, the distribution of medical supplies in hospitals has a wide variety of categories and is in great demand, but it completely depends on manual distribution. At the same time, the hospital scene is complex and the site environment is diverse. During the delivery process, the robot will pass through uncertain areas such as corridors, elevators, passages, etc. It is not practical to require the hospital to make another on-site modification for the robot to do the job.

As the world's leading research and development institution of cloud robots, CloudMinds has developed Ginger Lite D300, a multi-functional delivery robot suitable for hospitals, based on its many years experience in indoor delivery robots, and has realized the application in multiple hospitals.


The Ginger Lite D300 robot is equipped with a wealth of sensors, which can perceive environmental information without any dead ends. Without additional modification of the environment, it can rely on its own software and hardware capabilities to realize autonomous path planning, autonomous elevator riding, and autonomous opening and closing of isolation doors. Combined with the supplement of cloud intelligent algorithm, the robot can well cope and deal with various emergencies in the hospital scene; through the background task management system, all kinds of daily tasks can be managed in a unified way. Compared with pure manual management, it is more intelligent and more efficient.

The Ginger Lite D300 robot provides a sealed box and uses password verification to ensure the safety of medicines and materials. Meanwhile, the robot is able to work with no contact, which can complete the operation through intelligent human-robot voice interaction, so it reduces the risk of infection by reducing human-robot contact. In addition, the robot also has functions of voice broadcast, video, and graphic playback, including content such as anti-epidemic knowledge and policy publicity, etc. Its artificially enhanced interaction and interesting interactive design enable the robot to more flexibly complete multi-functional services such as navigation, guidance, consulting and marketing in different scenarios.


As a multi-functional indoor delivery robot, Ginger Lite solves the problems of large volume, complexity, irregular timing and dependence on labor in the distribution of materials in hospitals. It liberates the hands of doctors and nurses through 24h unmanned distribution, and improves productivity and efficiency. In addition, contactless distribution reduces the chance of virus transmission and the risk of cross-infection. Through the empowerment of HARIX operating system, CloudMinds will help hospitals and other institutions step into an intelligent transformation and upgrading of being more professional, intelligent, experiential, and lightweight.

In July 2022, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China formally denoted approval of supporting CloudMinds to build the " New Generation of Cloud Robot National Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform". In the future, CloudMinds will use cloud robots as the entry point, and through advanced artificial intelligence solutions, we will help medical institutions to achieve comprehensive upgrades in service and management, and escort the construction of safe and efficient smart medical care.