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Cloud Vending

Cloud Vending

Auto Vending with Digital Man Assistance and Object Recognition | Immersed and interactive shopping experience | New Robotic Retail Ecology

Key features

Grap-and Go Shopping,User-Friendly Experience

Digital and Intelligent Operation

*Intelligent SKU selection, operation and replenishment to reduce operating costs
*Help offline store to acess to the "man-goods-machine" data
*Ease of the management of devices remotely and monitoring of realtime transaction via a display portal
*Support mobile APP and web portal for backend operaton and management

Dual mode (Cool-Hot) in One Vending
Machine,Providing comprehensive
shopping experience

*Ceramic heating module inside, with the temperature sensor, it can quickly
heat up and realize auto temperature control
*First in the industry - support various SKUs, both cool and hot with
temperature adjustable to seasonal changes


Establish New Robotic Retail Ecosystem

Application Scenario

Unattended, large-scale deployment, covering various scenarios