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Digital Twin City

Digital twin smart city solutions based on cloud-network-Devices intelligent architecture

HARIX cloud brain is utilized to build a digital twin foundation for smart city, and to build a
unified service platform of artificial intelligence, robotics operation and Internet of Things.It
hence is to realize a new urban intelligent management and service model featuring data-driven
decision making, AI defined things,one-goal management and one-stop service. It will improve
the level of urban modernization governance, enhance the city's emergency response
capability, and increase residents' satisfaction with municipal services.
Applications for smart city management and cloud robot intelligence services are implemented
for medical, elderly care,government affairs,transportation, energy, community, business center,
finance, culture and other fields. 

Smart Hospital/ Fight the Pandemic

Smart (Quarantine cabin) hospital solutions based on cloud robots operating management system
and smart robots such as medical consultation, security surveillance, cleaning and disinfection, and
delivery robot.

We supply a variety of practical cloud intelligent robots and intelligent digital twin operation and
management solutions for quarantine (cabin) hospitals and hotels to help epidemic prevention
and control. Providing new intelligent service solutions for hospitals’ operation management,
logistics management, security management, patient services, remote diagnosis and treatment.

Smart Education (AI Education)

With cutting-edge technology and in-depth research on robotics and artificial intelligence industry,
CloudMinds’ education solution helps the governments, universities, vocational schools, primary
and secondary schools and enterprise partners in various industries to develop artificial
intelligence and robotics education standards and programs, so as to build AI education ecosystem
and robot metaverse together.Up-to-date,we have landed in hundreds of colleges and schools in
20+ provinces in China and cooperate in many fields.

Cooperation direction
*Colleges and Universities/Vocational schools/K12
Industrial/Institute construction |Professional group construction |Specialty Education | General education
*Outside School
Industry-education integration base |Public training base

Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture solution is empowered on our cloud brain, digital twin technology and various
cloud intelligent service robots

Based on the "cloud-network-device" architecture, Smart Agriculture solution is targeted to
the Smart Total-controlled Industrial Greenhouse (STIG) and medium/large orchard operation
scenarios. It can predict and analyze all the influential factors of agriculture based on artificial
intelligence big data analysis,and established digital models of various of plants, vegetables
and fruits. Intelligent automatic agricultural robots are applied to reduce labor costs, improve
agricultural production efficiency, upgrade its science and technology and help to make
agricultural move toward to higher level of intelligence.

Smart Hotel/Catering

We provide smart hotel and catering solutions of various robot products based on the delivery,
service, marketing and other scenarios of the hotel and catering industry.

CloudMinds service robots can be used in hotels or dining area to provide a variety of intelligent
services such as guest reception, information consultation, guidance and delivery of goods. In addition,
our robots can also provide indoor cleaning and disinfection, outdoor security patrol and other
services to improve the level of intelligence , improve the service quality and customer satisfaction,
and meet the demand for intelligent and digital upgrade of hotel and catering industry.

Smart Stadium

Smart stadium solutions based on 5G cloud robots such as guided tour, security patrol,cleaning
and disinfection,and delivery robots

In the process of AI transformation of different types of venues such as science and technology
museums, libraries, gymnasiums, and museums, Powered by our cloud robot architecture
combining with 5G edge computing and other technologies, cloud AI is introduced to smart venues,
security patrol, cleaning, reception, service scenarios to provide safety control, user-friendly
and cost effective services.

Smart Real Estate

Smart community and property management solutions based on cloud robots and smart devices
such as reception, security guard, cleaning, retail and access control

For real estate companies and property management, we provide intelligent gate control, intelligent
patrol, intelligent cleaning, intelligent reception and other cloud robot services.
Real Estate Sales robot can communicate and interact with customers, guiding a tour, provide
information and room model recommendations,as well as deliver drinks to customers. Moreover,
based on the real-time data returned by cloud robots, the cloud brain HARIX is used to build a
digital intelligent community management platform to help real estate property management
entity on intelligent management, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Smart Park

Smart park solutions based on cloud robots for service, security patrol and retail in parks
(factories/business/campus/parks/scenic spots, etc.)

Based on the cloud intelligent architecture and the collaborative deployment of multiple cloud
robots, technologies such as IoT, big data, cloud computing are fully utilized to improve digital
operation and management capabilities, and enhance the level of the intelligence.

Smart Elderly Care

Smart elderly care solutions based on cloud robots of service, security, cleaning and
disinfection, distribution and remote operation and management

In regard to the companionship and caring for the elderly's health and safety, we provide life
monitoring, health monitoring, chatting,and other interactive services for elderly people via
our cloud robot and/or smart devices.This provides both mental and physical care to elderly
people, and hence improves quality of health service for elderly with a new experience.

Smart Transportation

Smart transportation solutions based on multiple types of cloud robots such as tour Guide,
security patorl, cleaning and disinfection, retail and delivery robot.

In railway station, airport, bus station and other transportation hubs, service robots can
be widely used in tour guiding, security patrol, cleaning and disinfection, retail, emergency
rescue, hazardous substances detection,etc.,so that passengers can experience the
convenience, safety and comfort brought by technology advancement during the journey.
It can improve intelligent operations management and service, increase efficiency and
capacity, and reduce operating costs for the transportation sector.

Smart Industry/Energy Sector

Smart industry solutions based on cloud brain, using digital twin technology and different types of cloud
intelligent service robots

For the industrial and energy sector, based on CloudMinds’industrial manufacturing brain of HARIX,
and digital twin technology, intelligent cloud robots serve many production processes, to realize
the intelligent upgrade of manufacturing, logistics, security, logistics management and improve efficiency.
The unmanned factory "robot produces robot" program can be realized.
For instance, in the power plant, IDC room and other scenarios, our patrol robot can conduct real-time
monitoring and detection of water inlet, lubricating oil and hydrogen cooler inlet pipe pressure gauge,
water inlet temperature and other digital meters, various indicators and knobs switch status etc.

Smart Finance

Smart financial digital transformation solutions based on cloud robots such as financial services,
business guidance and delivery robots.

Provided total solutions of smart bank branches for Financial Institutes. By utilizing cloud robots
and other intelligent devices, our solution can meet the need of customization on service
expansion, security isolation, and transformation of AI upgrade of branches, helping financial
institutions to improve refined operations, enhance customer stickiness,explore innovative
service models, and realize the intelligent transformation of financial institutions.