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Cloud AI Digital Human

"Face to face" Real-time Interactive Communication| Immersive Scene Communication Experience | Jointly build a robot metaverse ecosystem

Visual Interaction Based on Virtual Portrait

Dataa Cloudia is a human-computer interactive digital human based on Cloudminds
HARIX cloud brain and multimodal AI technology.

Cloudia can perform diverse tasks such as information counseling, business
handling, customer analysis, and precise targeted advertising. Cloudia can
assist in creating exclusive brand IP and establish an intelligent brand image.

Cloudia can be used in shopping centers, transportation hubs, hotels,
hospitals and other places.

Cloud brain empowers fusion intelligence

Real-time multimodal deep learning based on "fusion intelligent" cloud brain.

* Multimodal AI fusion interaction
Multimodal fusion of vision, speech, emotion, touch, etc.
* Smooth multiple rounds of dialogue
Based on massive knowledge bases and rich knowledge graphs, conducts indepth
semantic comprehension based on context along with the association of multiple
rounds dialogue context.

Digital Human Avatar Customization

High-quality character customization ability, different styles of avatars of
real person, cartoon, and animation.

User-designed and managed multi-scenario knowledge base

* On demand custimization on sessions, pages, and interaction scenarios.
*Allow user generat interactive scenarios, and manage its business knowledge base and multimedia assets.

Open Development Platform

Completely Open RDK/API can be easily integrated with existing third-party businesses.

Flexible adaptation

* Adapt to a variety of customer-owned terminals
* Provide a complete solution of software and hardware

Application scenarios