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Cloud AI Patrol Delivery Robot

Cloud Patrol
Cloud AI Patrol/Delivery Robot

Antiepidemic Delivery| Security Patrol | Image Recognition | Auto Navigation | Carriage/Delivery service

Patrol Monitoring

* Multi-sensor fusion to achieve stable operation in complex environment
* 3D perception, auto path planning, provinding securer, flexible and
efficient autonomous navigation services
* 360°omnidirectional ultra starlight video monitoring,forging the
strongest "mobile police eye"
* Platform based and modular design, made multiple scenario
application expansion much more flexible and faster

Identification Analysis

AI recognition based deep learning algorithm model and
our Cloud Brain (HARIX )

Diversified Services

Environmental Monitoring

Equipped with multiple sensors, it can detect smoke, combustible gas,
PM2.5, temperature and humidity, fire detection, and etc., and provide
timely alarm,warning and repair of abnormal situations.

Logistics Distribution

Helpful for goods delivery and transportation inside of industrial park,
and achieving digital management on property management.

Application Scenarios