The cloud robot operating system--HARIX OS won another award!
2022-08-04 15:35:58

Recently, the final of the 2021 China Haidian High-value Patent Cultivation Competition was successfully held in Beijing. CloudMinds’ competition project--"A Cloud Robot System, Robot and Robot Cloud Platform" stood out from many high-value patent projects across the country through project roadshows, patent reviews, and questions from judges, and was rated as the third place in this competition.


This competition is the first national innovation competition with the theme of high-value patents co-sponsored by Intellectual Property Office of Beijing Haidian District and Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. The competition aims to protect and encourage high-value patents, explore technological innovation projects with leading technology, great market potential and obvious advantages of high-value patents, and promote the innovation and entrepreneurship of China to a new stage of high-quality development.

During the road show, Zhanchao Zhang, Senior Architect of CloudMinds, explained the participating projects and the layout of patents. The patent of this project involves the core technology of HARIX OS, the world's first operating system for cloud robots released by CloudMinds at the end of 2020. HARIX OS is composed of four parts: "artificially enhanced machine intelligence", "multi-modal fusion artificial intelligence", "digital twin", "continuous closed-loop learning and intelligent evolution". It is based on "cloud-network-edge" end-to-end collaborative application development and training experimental platform. HARIX OS is an open platform for cloud robots and its foundation for the whole ecosystem. Various AI service providers and developers can provide AI- empowerment, data and application services for robots through the HARIX platform. All robot manufacturers can focus on the development of various robot hardware and call various cloud AI and application services through the HARIX platform.


In recent years, the intellectual property protection in China, as the basic means of stimulating innovation, the basic guarantee of the driving force of innovation, and the core element of international competitiveness, has been constantly showing its role and function. As a cloud robot operator, CloudMinds has independent and core technology development capabilities with intellectual property rights in the fields of artificial intelligence, operating systems, control systems, chips, hardware products and core component technologies. As of December 2021, Cloud Computing has accumulated thousands of patents (including applications) in the fields of cloud robots, artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G, ranking among the top in the world.


Moreover, in order to encourage employees to innovate, CloudMinds has pioneered the company wide implementation of the Patent Partnership Program since its establishment in 2015. Through a highly competitive patent policy, a high proportion of patent income is directly rewarded to patent inventor and long-term incentive. CloudMinds' patent partnership plan is a program that everyone can participate in, which is a permanent plan, and a plan with no cap on bonuses. It can promote employees to innovate and provides a strong guarantee for high-quality patents.

It is reported that as the most influential high-standard and distinctive intellectual property brand competition in China, this competition advocates the value - oriented concept of cultivating high-value patents, publicizes and promotes high-value patent cultivation methods and models, as well as discovers and selects technology markets. In terms of innovative projects with both patent advantages, it has played a good demonstration effect and leading role. We will help to form a number of internationally competitive high-quality patent portfolios that support industrial development, and further promote the effective integration of intellectual property rights with innovation resources, financial capital and industrial development.