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Cloud intelligent temperature measurement and entrance guard system

Cloud intelligent temperature measurement and entrance guard system

Face Recognition | Body Temperature Detection | Cloud Control | Millisecond Response

Cloud face recognition

Recognize and reminds people without
masks with a face recognition accuracy of 99.83%. The face detection passing time is 300-500ms, allowing
face recognition for people with masks

High precision, non-contact

Non-contact infrared temperature measurement, with an accuracy of up to 0.3 ℃,
Over-temperature capture and real-time alarm, body temperature measurement finished in 2 - 3 seconds per person

Cloud control platform

Cloud management over-temperature backstage warning records, temperature measurement records,
personnel attendance, and health management

Cloud AI big data

Support massive big data analysis in the cloud to achieve patient tracking
and control the flow status of the infectious source, and the spread of the epidemic

Customized solutions

Customized development that can be docked to attendance/gate/ID card/
access control, etc (part of the enclosures)

Product model

Application scenarios